2018 Law Day Speakers
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Keynote General Session- 8:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m.

The bold simplicity of being transparent

Speaker: Omar Passons

Course Description: Organizations are better served by fostering a culture of transparency.  Happier employees, less litigation, and better customer relationships are all outcomes we can achieve when leaders value and model transparency in communication.  Throughout his career in the private, government and non-profit sectors, as well as his life as a civic activist, Omar Passons has developed a strong belief in the bold simplicity of being transparent.

Morning Concurrent Sessions- 9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m.

Retaliation Law Goes Down the Rabbit Hole:  SB 306 and Managing Protected Employees

Speaker David Monks

Description: One of California’s newest employment laws, SB 306, allows a fired employee or the Labor Commissioner to seek a court order requiring the employer to reinstate the employee pending resolution of his or her claim of unlawful retaliation.  Seriously?  It’s true.  This session will explain the new law and help employers prepare to avoid its grasp by reinforcing best practices for managing protected employees.


Taking Your Investigations to the Next Level: Going Beyond the Basics

Speaker Fred M. Plevin

Description: With new gender equity laws, expanding whistleblower protections and heightened employee awareness of discrimination issues, workplace investigations are becoming ever more important.  Most HR professionals are familiar with investigation basics.  We’ll go past the f and deal with advanced issues, including assessing credibility, coordinating with outside counsel, writing a defensible report, and testifying about your investigation.  Take your investigations to the next level!


Interplay between the ADA, Employment Law and Workers’ Compensation

Speaker Al De La Cruz and Jason Doshi

Description: Our presentation will address the interplay between the ADA and Workers Compensation laws in California.  It is not uncommon for an employee to file a worker’s compensation claim after being injured on the job.  We will address the issues that can arise for an employer in complying with the ADA after an injured employee files a worker’s compensation claim.


Morning Concurrent Sessions- 11:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m.

Where’s Waldo? Finding Legal Ways to Tackle Employee Attendance Problems

Speaker: Jenna Leyton-Jones

Description: This presentation will provide attendees with tips and best practices for dealing with employees who are habitually absent or tardy.  Topics covered will include employer’s obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Employment and Housing Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Paid Sick Leave laws; the practical application of those laws to real world employee absence scenarios; and strategies for determining how and when to impose appropriate discipline.



 Speaker: Bruno Katz

Bio: Bruno Katz maintains a diverse business litigation practice that includes labor and employment, professional liability, corporate litigation and complex, multi-party litigation. Bruno represents a wide variety of clients, including hospitality companies, insurance brokers and agents, real estate agents, utility companies, attorneys, transportation companies and pharmaceutical/home health care companies. 


Managing the Hiring Process in California

Speaker: Jennifer Rubin

Description: With California’s never-ending appetite for employment regulation, it is becoming difficult to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of employment laws. The changes have been even more dramatic since 2017 given the multitude of new laws impacting the hiring process. This session will focus on practical advice to implement legal changes governing salary history inquiries, criminal convictions, social media and privacy-related matters and background checks and how those legal changes impact the employment application, interviewing, and hiring process in California.

Keynote General Session- 12:45 p.m.-1:45 p.m.

HR Lessons from Uber, Fox News, Google and Beyond: How to Prepare Your Workplace for 2018

SPEAKER: Brenda Kasper

Course Description: Join Brenda Kasper as she uses the top HR stories from 2017 to provide a comprehensive and in-depth discussion of compliance and litigation trends under federal, local and state law. Topics will include updates on pay equity, discrimination, leave, disability accommodation, harassment, retaliation, compliance changes under the Trump administration and more. Special attention will be paid to recent California legal updates.

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions- 2:15 p.m.-3:15 p.m.

EEOC and NLRB developments, predictive scheduling (what in the world is that?!), cross-border employment issues

Speaker: Mishell Taylor

Bio: Mishell Parreno Taylor focuses her legal career on representing employers of all sizes, ranging from local to global corporations on a broad spectrum of employment law issues. She has extensive experience in handling employment litigation in federal and state courts and administrative agencies across the country, including California, Texas, South Carolina, Arkansas and Alabama. Her experience includes defending clients against individual and class-wide claims of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and retaliation. Additionally, she aggressively handles both individual and class action wage and hour litigation in matters involving claims of missed meal and rest periods, unlawful deductions, misclassification and off-the-clock work. Not only has she successfully defeated claims at the dispositive motion or class certification stage of litigation, she has successfully litigated an all defense verdict in the Southern District of California involving claims of national origin and race discrimination and retaliation. She also co-chaired a two week arbitration in which she obtained a complete defense verdict on allegations of wrongful demotion and retaliation against several company executives. 


How to Prevent a Leading Discrimination Complaint in California

Speaker: Claudia Schwartz and Barbara Elliott

Description: Because disability discrimination is a leading cause of employment litigation in California, it is essential for HR professionals to facilitate interactive processes and grant reasonable accommodations in ways that integrate federal and state laws as well as practices including leaves of absence, worker’s compensation, stay at work and return to work initiatives, pay and benefits, etc.  This session provides key ways to address these priorities.


When HR Gets Caught in the Middle

Speaker: Don Phin, Esq.

Description: HR is often "caught in the middle". How to navigate a situation when you are.

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions- 3:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Elimination of Wage Disparities

SPEAKER: Ryan Nell


Course Description: While California has established itself as a national leader in ensuring fair and equal pay among employees, recent legislation and ensuing litigation have created difficulties for well-meaning employers hoping to both maintain a satisfied workforce and obey the law. This presentation will assist you in understanding the current state of the legal landscape and the best ways to remain in compliance, while also looking forward at the potential future hurdles that may need to be cleared. 

Current Key Concepts in Immigration Law Today

SPEAKER: Robert Nadalin

Course Description: In the most recent year, immigration-related policies at the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, and the Department of Labor have undergone significant changes. This presentation will cover what has changed, what remains the same, and the key issues that companies need to keep in mind to proactively manage foreign national visa status matters, related international travel, and possible site visits and audits by the Federal agencies charged with oversight.


SPEAKERS: Jennifer Sarkozy Branch and Lisa Magorien

Course Description: Preventing Harassment & Bullying in the Workplace: In light of the recent rash of sexual harassment allegations, learn how to protect your organization from costly legal claims. This presentation will discuss best practices designed to prevent harassment and bullying in your workplace, including: (1) implementing a complaint policy and complaint procedure, (2) providing training to your workforce that meets California’s newest mandates, (3) appropriately responding to all complaints, and (4) retaining appropriate records.


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