Recap Of EDD Meeting at the South Metro Career Center

Brad Weinstein, MA, SHRM-CP, SPHR-CA

August 18, 2017 at 3:15PM


As part of the ongoing efforts to develop its workforce professionals, EDD’s senior management is creating a partnership with the San Diego Society of Human Resources Management that would create a synergy aimed to add value to all shareholders (job seekers, employers and all workforce professionals) by merging both private industry and government in future collaborations such as workshops and trainings. According to Ruth Salcido, EPM III, an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining the partnership between San Diego SHRM and EDD is currently being drafted.

As part of that ongoing effort to develop a model of collaboration between EDD and SHRM, Brad Weinstein, SDSHRM’s Vice President of Workforce Readiness, presented an overview of some of the best practices SHRM has identified and encourages job seekers to utilize through their job search. Additionally, he shared information about technological tools employers use to screen potential applicants such as the Application Tracking System (ATS). 

The following are some of the practices and/or recommendations he shared with the group:

Job seekers that are or might be justice challenged

In order to avoid surprises and delays in employment, job seekers that might have any legal items affecting their records should find out what it is and if it can be fixed before they start applying for jobs. They need to understand the level of seriousness of the offence and how that affects the job they are applying for. Any information should be disclosed to potential employers in advance. Find out about the resources (companies, programs and services) that might help them remedy the infractions.

 Interview Dress Code

Research the industry and company to identify the accepted dress for the organization. Ask if there is a dress code and follow it. Always dress one level above the acceptable or recommended dress code.

Importance of Research

General information can be found in Google, O’Net online, and EDD’s Labor Market Information. Specialized information about companies can be found at and Glassdoor.

Practice the Interview process

Prepare questions for interviewer(s) by using the side notes taken during the interview. The foundation for a successful interview is to practice, practice, and practice.

Cover Letter

Two schools of thought: HR reps with experience from last century recommend one, HR reps with experience from this century do not. Choose to be safe and include one. There are innovative ways to forward one – Tweet it. Be very careful in how you word it “Think of it like you’re paying for each word." Key Words – Include as many as you can on your Resume and Cover Letter. Application Tracking System (ATS) is programmed with specific words.


Job Fairs are an excellent opportunity to network with employers. Applicants should go with an open mind to at a minimum practice their communication skills. Employers can and do use job fairs to meet people in the community.

Social Media

·         20% of job seekers use LinkedIn

·         90% of recruiters use LinkedIn

·         Keep your profiles professional and tidy

·         Check your own social media

 Importance of Education

The more education you can show the employer the better. Certifications by professional organizations are proven to add value and credibility. It looks good on resume and/or business card.

How to handle the results after the interview

If you got the job CONGRATULATIONS! If don’t – Don’t take it personal. There are many reasons behind the employer’s decision not to hire you. A jobseeker should be applying to more than one job at the time. More options increase the probability of getting hired.


Brad Weinstein shared that Nina E. Woodard, SDSHRM’s past president and a professor at Cal State University San Marcos hosts a Radio Show aiming to further educate and invigorate San Diego’s  HR community. Ruth Salcido will participate to provide EDD’s perspective on an upcoming show. Go to www.wsRADIO.COM to listen. There will be more educational lectures presented by SHRM’s professional speakers in the near future.

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