WEA Rules
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Workplace Excellence Awards Rules



  1. Nominations for the Workplace Excellence Awards (WEA) must come from any employee of a company other than that company’s senior HR leader, President/Chief Executive Officer, or owner. Nominations may also come from someone who is not an employee, but who has done work with the company (for example, a vendor, customer or client).
  2. All local San Diego organizations, as well as national companies with a local human resource function, are eligible for nomination.
  3. Nominations for 2014 will be accepted online starting June 25, 2014 and ending August 31, 2014.
  4. For a nominated company to be considered eligible for an award, the organization must submit a fully completed Workplace Excellence Award Application by the 2014 deadline. All WEA Applications must be submitted via the San Diego SHRM website form. Applications in any other format will not be accepted. Part II of the application has a limit of 1,000 words; no limit for Part III.
  5. Partial applications and applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
  6. The following companies are not eligible for nomination:

         -A company that won the "Marble” Workplace Excellence Award last year.

         -A company that is a current sponsor of the Workplace Excellence Awards.

         -A company that has one or more employees on the Workplace Excellence Awards steering committee.

         -A company with an employee on the Workplace Excellence Awards judging panel.



  1. Each organization that is nominated is asked to substantiate the nomination by completing an in-depth application that is available through the San Diego SHRM website. A member of the Workplace Excellence Awards "Ambassador Team” (the "A Team”) will be assigned to each nominated company to help guide the company through the application process.
  2. All applications are prescreened before going to the judging panel to ensure minimal compliance with the information requested in the application.
  3. A panel of five to seven independent judges will evaluate each eligible application. The applications will be divided into categories based on the company’s number of employees in San Diego.
  4. Following a brief section asking for company profile information, there are two primary sections of the application. (1) The "HR Practices” section can earn a maximum of 70 points. The judges will award points based on innovation of the selected HR practice, the company’s excellence in implementing the practice, and the impact of the practice on the organization’s business. (2) The "CEO’s Statement” will be worth a maximum of 30 points. Judges will award points in this section based on the HR leader’s role in creating and implementing people related practices that contribute to the organization’s success and overall workplace excellence.
  5. The total amount of points available is 100. Judges will total the points awarded for each application and then rank the applications in each category.
  6. Judges will then interview the top three companies in each category and ask a series of questions. Each question is assigned a point value before the interview.
  7. When the interviews are completed, the judges will again total the points to determine the winning companies in each category.
  8. Each category – Small, Mid-size, Large, and Mega-size – will have two award winners: The "Marble” Award goes to the organization judged to be the best in that category, while the "Crystal” Award goes to the runner-up. At their discretion, the judges may award a Grand Prize award to a company that is rated the highest by all of the judges on the panel.
  9. Each company that submits an application that is eligible to be evaluated by the judges is a "Medallion Award Winner.” Like the Marble and Crystal winners, these companies will be recognized at the Workplace Excellence Awards  event in November 2014.
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