Workplace Excellence
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Award History

Workplace Excellence Awards were founded by San Diego SHRM in 2000, initially designed to recognize excellence in HR leadership. Workplace Excellence goes beyond an employee satisfaction survey, to demonstrating a link between HR practice and a positive impact to a business outcome.   


In 2013, San Diego SHRM, in partnership with the San Diego Union Tribune and Workplace Dynamics, broadened the application process to incorporate an employment engagement-driven award. The addition, increased employer participation and visibility into the award program, as well as, validated the link between effective HR practices and satisfied employees. 


In 2014, our partnership continues as we celebrate 14 years of Award and HR industry evolution, we integrate emerging HR and business innovation, and we serve our community through honoring those who serve.


Identifying Workplace / Community Excellence & Top Workplaces Awards



Workplace Excellence Award Categories
Small companies            50 – 149 employees       
Mid-size companies        150-629 employees        
Large companies           630-1300 employees
Mega-size companies     1301+ employees 
Each category will have two award winners: The "Marble” Award goes to the organization judged to be the best in their category, while the "Crystal” Award goes to the runner-up.  The judges select one Grand Prize award which will go to an organization which demonstrates all the attributes required for Workplace Excellence as well as a demonstrates best practices with regard to Veteran’s hiring and employment programs.  
Top Workplaces is an evaluation of regional companies by their employees. These awards are determined by the Workplace Dynamics employee engagement tool. The awards are presented by the Union Tribune at the annual awards ceremony in November.    


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