#WeAdvanceTogether FAQ

#WeAdvanceTogether FAQ


A professional journey to growth and opportunity is best done with trusted partners alongside you—all advancing together. In this spirit of partnership, and with the goal of long-term maximization of membership benefit and growth for our members, San Diego SHRM is excited to announce that we are fully aligning ourselves with SHRM by becoming a “100% Chapter.” 100% Chapters are those where all members of a local are also members of National SHRM, and this is our goal.


Questions Pertaining to moving towards a 100% Chapter.


Q: What are the differences between SHRM, CalSHRM, and San Diego SHRM?


A: The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), is a global professional society.


SHRM’s mission: SHRM provides education, thought leadership, certification, community and advocacy to enhance the practice of human resource management and the effectiveness of HR professionals in the organizations and communities they serve.


CalSHRM: Representing human resource professionals, the California State Council (CalSHRM) is the state affiliate for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  CalSHRM is a 100% volunteer entity consisting of 16 SHRM affiliated chapters and one community across the state. 


CalSHRM’ s mission: CalSHRM’ s primary objective is to support the mission and initiatives of SHRM and the California Chapters we support.


San Diego SHRM: The San Diego Society for Human Resources Management (San Diego SHRM or SD SHRM) is a local, SHRM-affiliated chapter whose service area encompasses most of San Diego and some surrounding areas.


San Diego SHRM’s mission: To provide our members access to the SHRM Competency Model in a way that maximizes their ability to impact the success of their organization and to be the recognized voice of our Profession within our service area.



Q: What is a 100% Chapter?


A: 100% Chapters are those where all members of a local affiliated chapter, like San Diego SHRM, are also members of SHRM, and this is our goal beginning June 30, 2020.


Q: Why is San Diego SHRM transitioning to a 100% Chapter and how does it benefit me as a member?


A: As part of SHRM’s newly adopted mission statement, we are looking to align ourselves fully with SHRM global in maximizing our member’s access to the SHRM Competency model.


  • San Diego SHRM will have access to nationally recognized speakers and higher level local educational program.
  • Via our alignment with SHRM, credibility and strength in numbers increases our effectiveness to represent HR professionals at a grassroot legislative efforts.
  • Streamlined pathway to receive the benefits of a national organization combined with a local perspective and presence.
  • Educational programs and services focused on the SHRM Competency Model so you can more quickly advance in your career.


100% chapters also receive additional financial support from SHRM, allowing us to make our local membership more affordable.


Q: How will this affect my membership?


A: Effective June 30, 2020 membership in San Diego SHRM will require verification of National SHRM membership. Most members of San Diego SHRM already belong to both associations.


San Diego SHRM has also streamlined membership categories, into the following:

  • Professional members—HR industry practitioners, academics, attorneys practicing HR law, or professional designation holders.  
  • Partner members—vendor members, and other non-HR professionals.  
  • Student members—individuals enrolled as full time or part-time students.


We ask members to designate San Diego SHRM as their primary chapter for SHRM membership. SHRM members designate their primary chapter when they join SHRM or renew. Members can do so by CLICKING HERE.



Q: When will this take effect?


A: Beginning in April 2020, all new members of San Diego SHRM will be required to hold SHRM membership.


By June 30, of 2020, all members of San Diego SHRM will be required to hold membership in SHRM.


Q: Can I belong to more than one local chapter at a time?


A: Yes, you can belong to more than one local chapter. However, only your primary chapter will be affiliated (or linked back to) SHRM.


Q: How do the San diego SHRM and SHRM benefits work together to benefit me?


A: SHRM provides a whole array of global education services and tools for HR professionals, with San Diego SHRM providing a local opportunity for education for California and regional issues of interest as well as community engagement and relationship development.


Q: I’m already a member of SHRM. What can this chapter offer me in addition to my national membership?


A: Being a local chapter member provides you with a local networking resource. You have the benefit of meeting other local professionals who are facing the same challenges that you are and can assist you with answers to your questions. You will receive notification of webinars, seminars and professional development opportunities in your area, including SHRM certification study groups, and two annual conference events. The vast majority of our programs have been approved for HRCI and SHRM certification credits. You will learn about issues that are directly affecting your community. Additionally, there are leadership and volunteer opportunities to assist in your development as a professional. 


Q: I am a national SHRM member, if I join a local chapter do I have to do anything to maintain my chapter membership besides pay my dues?


A: You will be asked to update your contact information periodically, but the membership remains in place with payment of dues. It will be important to designate the local chapter of which you are a member.  This way San Diego SHRM or the chapter of your choice will be able to count you in their membership and receive a per member SHRM membership rebate. Members can do so by CLICKING HERE.


Q: Why should I join National SHRM, San Diego SHRM gives me all I need?


A: Tons of resources to save whomever manages the HR function time and money as they strive to stay compliant and create a great workplace.  SHRM has an Ask an Advisor service, offering personalized advice on specific HR questions or challenges, how-to guides, sample policies, job descriptions and interview questions, and more.  SHRM Members also get discounts on all sorts of professional, personal and travel services plus HR labor law posters, employee handbook builders and much more.


Q: What is CalSHRM?  If we are a 100% chapter do I have to join CalSHRM too?


A: CalSHRM is a council composed of the SHRM--affiliated local associations--you are automatically a CalSHRM member once you join a local Chapter with no additional dues or payment necessary.


Q: Is there a membership card for San Diego SHRM?  Is there a National SHRM membership card?


A: Both a SHRM membership card and certificate are available to be downloaded and printed on the SHRM website. San Diego SHRM doesn't have a membership card but a certificate is available upon request.  


Q: What is the difference between SHRM Certification and HRCI SPHR, GPHR and PHR and other certifications?


A: The SHRM Certification is based on the BoCK (Body of Competency and Knowledge) which they researched for years.  It is competency based and includes situational judgement questions as well as multiple choice knowledge questions.  In the SHRM Certification exam the learning and the study material is designed to support your understanding of the competencies and how they display in the work place.   


The major difference is actually in the basis for the study.  SHRM did years of research and focus on identifying the competencies that are important to the success of HR practitioners at each level of their career.  The research allowed them to focus on 9 major areas that are significant and viewed as essential to support high levels of performance in HR professionals.  They are: Technical Expertise which forms the foundation on which the other competencies are build and include knowledge of the array of functional skills and knowledge that are essential. 


On that foundation competencies are framed in three general categories:  Business, Leadership and Interpersonal competencies.  So, the primary difference is SHRM’s SCP and CP are competency-based certifications. 


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