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New Graduate Program for HR Change Makers

Thursday, August 22, 2019   (0 Comments)
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San Diego SHRM members interested in finding out more information on the Masters in Human Resources Management program can visit  All San Diego SHRM members will receive a 12.5% scholarship to reduce the overall program cost.  Claremont Lincoln University is committed to socially conscious education – quality learning, accessible and affordable programs, and an online by design classroom environment.

As human resources professionals, communication and change is a part of our daily lives. Embrace your role as a change-maker by pursuing a higher degree that incorporates mindfulness, dialogue, collaboration, and change into its curriculum.  Claremont Lincoln University, known for socially conscious education, is now offering a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Management. This new online program produces leaders capable of respecting differences and collaborating with those of different viewpoints to resolve problems. Using a holistic approach with multiple disciplinary perspectives, students are prepared to create sustainable and positive change as human resources professionals.

The Human Resources Management degree is designed for HR professionals like you. You will discover, share, and collaborate with other HR professionals in all aspects of people management including understanding human resources functions, enhancing your ability to apply key HR legislation, learning the elements of a total compensation system, developing plans for attracting and selecting employees, discovering the purpose and process of talent management, and applying HR analytics to your decision-making.  Our goal is to equip you in becoming a strategic partner through the development of interpersonal competencies, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning.  

The M.A. in Human Resources Management at Claremont Lincoln University focuses on:

  • Decision-making: Examine data and analytic insights, quantitative and qualitative relationships, and decision-making strategies within a global and diverse workforce
  • Ethical Leadership: Lead ethically and responsibly in positions of power in a workplace, community, or organization.
  • People Management: Understand the foundations of strategic human resource management, workforce planning and employment, and employee and labor relations with a particular focus on mindfulness, dialogue, and collaboration.
  • Strategic Communication: Demonstrate the interpersonal and engagement skills necessary for effective leaders to achieve innovative and collaborative resolution to community and organization issues.
  • Conflict Resolution: Resolve conflicts through mindfulness, dialogue, and collaboration to bring about positive change.
  • Action Research: Research, design, and implement a capstone project to affect a positive impact.

For more information on Claremont Lincoln’s M.A. in HR Management, please see the website at or contact Heather Staples,

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