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Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order for All Californians to Shelter in Place

Thursday, March 19, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order for All Californians to Shelter in Place

Thanks to Darcey M. Groden, Legislative & Communications Committee Member, Fisher & Phillips LLP

Governor Newsom issued an executive order requiring all Californians, except for those falling in an exception discussed below, shelter in place effective immediately.  The Order carves out exceptions to maintain the continuity of 16 critical infrastructure sectors identified by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency.  The Order also carves out exceptions for supply chain operations that provide necessities like food, prescriptions, and health care.  Significantly, there is no end date on the Order. 

Am I In One of the 16 Critical Sectors?

The 16 critical sectors are: (1) Chemical Sector, (2) Commercial Facilities Sector, (3) Communications Sector, (4) Critical Manufacturing Sector, (5) Dams Sector, (6) Defense Industrial Base Sector, (7) Emergency Services Sector, (8) Energy Sector, (9) Financial Services Sector, (10) Food and Agriculture Sector, (11) Government Facilities Sector, (12) Healthcare and Public Health Sector, (13) Information Technology Sector, (14) Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste Sector, (15) Transportation Systems Sector, and (16) Water and Wastewater Systems Sector.

In identifying these sectors, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency has drafted a memo and provided examples of workers within the industry who are considered essential.  However, the examples are not meant to be exhaustive.  Moreover, because the Governor’s Executive Order applies “except as needed to maintain continuity of operations of federal crucial infrastructures,” it is possible that not all employees for a company will be deemed essential or that all operations of a business will fall within one of the identified sectors.  If in any doubt, consult with your labor and employment attorneys.

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