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San Diego SHRM would not be possible without the dedication and effort of our committee members. We thank them for their commitment, time and talent to the following committees: Communications, Educational Services, Legislative Action, Membership, Registration and Programs. Their efforts assist San Diego SHRM and its members to forge ahead with the HR industry best practices, policies, general HR information and timely legislative updates.

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Communications Committee

VP Communications, Andrea Lloyd-Coronado

The Communications Committee handles all of San Diego SHRM communications from our San Diego HR Weekly, to our monthly Resource Communication. They also work on enhancing the San Diego SHRM brand in the marketplace and keep us current with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Conference Committee

VP Conferences, Patti Cuthill

The Conference Committee contributes to the preparation of our two annual conferences, Law Day held in January and Workplace Strategies held in September. Weekly committee meetings commence approximately 12 weeks prior to the scheduled conference date. Volunteers participate in the following areas; venue research, food & beverage pricing and options; soliciting speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers to work at the conference; selection of conference speakers; photography, social media and video editing.

Education Committee

VP Education, Cristina Orozco

The Education Committee works uniquely to put together classes for HR professionals who are seeking certification from HRCI and SHRM. This group obtains top-notch facilitators, arranges for space, sets the calendar and ensures a quality learning experience for HR professionals.

Legislation Committee

VP Legislation, Jennifer Suberlak, Esq.

The Legislation Committee stays on top of upcoming legislation and crafts communications to membership. The Committee also cultivates relationships with local legislators in order to put forth San Diego SHRM initiatives.


VP Programs, Yesenia Gutierrez

The Programs Committee is responsible for developing and ensuring the highest quality of events and education offered to members and non-members. They may work with other committees in our chapter. They will strive to continually be aware of industry trends and members’ needs. The committee reviews prior year programs and analyzes participation, feedback, and provides recommendations for the year ahead. The committee will assist in reviewing guest speaker requests, search for local and national recognized guest speakers on topics that are relevant to the Human Resources and Business Communities. The committee will assist in developing a master calendar of programs and events.

Workforce Readiness COMMITTEE

VP Workforce Readiness, Amanda duff

The Workforce Readiness Committee meets every third Monday of the month from 6-7 p.m. at the Manpower Corporate Office. Below are current Workforce Readiness committee members. 

Membership Committee

VP Membership, DeAndrea Brazel & Membership Chair, Melinda Diamond
The Membership Committee is charged with two primary objectives. One, to grow the membership, and two, to keep a pulse on the membership to propose initiatives to retain existing members. Typical functions of the Membership Committee include phone calls to members who are about to lapse and phone calls to members who are new to see how they’re liking their experience. Membership also greets every member who attends each of the San Diego SHRM event to make for a "member experience.”

Emerging Professionals Committee

Chairs, Michael smithfield

The Emerging Professionals Committee has three primary objectives.  To offer mentoring opportunities and access to HR professionals, business leaders, and key decision makers; to create professional development opportunities in which members gain relevant and timely information about the HR profession and business in general to prepare members for business success; to host networking events which cater to the needs of the Young Professional.


VP SPONSORSHIP, james brooks

The Sponsorship Committee builds strategic partnerships with the San Diego business community and key organizations to strengthen the San Diego HR Community. If you enjoy making rich connections and want to elevate HR professionals and the local chapter of San Diego SHRM, please consider joining the Sponsorship Committee. 


Chair, Enrique Martinez, ACC

The Foundation Committee is present at all San Diego SHRM events and supports with raising awareness of the SHRM Foundation initiatives, solicits donated items as prizes for SHRM Foundation drawings, and helps sell opportunity drawing tickets at San Diego SHRM events. The Foundation Committee also helps encourage members to Join Team Empower by donating $30 or to become a Leadership Circle Member.  

Diversity, inclusion and belonging COMMITTEE

Chair, Sarah calfee

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee works to ensure a diverse membership, an inclusive culture in our chapter, and a sense of belonging for our members. Additionally, we aim to build awareness in our community of relevant information and trends. The Committee meets monthly, mostly through conference calls and several opportunities to meet each other in person.

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