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Managing Unconscious Bias

Thursday, April 11, 2019   (0 Comments)
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Managing Unconscious Bias

Strategies to Manage Bias & Build More Diverse,
Inclusive Organizations

By: Paradigm

"At any given moment, our brains are receiving 11 million pieces of information.
We can only consciously process about 40 of those pieces.1 To process the
remaining 10,999,960 we rely on our subconscious, which helps us filter
information by taking mental shortcuts. Unconscious bias refers to the
information, attitudes, and stereotypes that inform our subconscious information processing
and dictate the process by which we take these mental shortcuts.
While unconscious information processing is a critical part of human functioning,
the shortcuts we take, and the bias that informs those shortcuts, often introduce
errors into our decision-making.2,3

Unconscious bias can lead to many types of undesirable outcomes; in organizations,
it can lead to differences in the way we attract, hire, develop, and retain people
from underrepresented groups.*,4,5,6 Even when these differences are subtle—and
sometimes especially so—they present significant barriers to cultivating a diverse,
inclusive organization. Awareness of unconscious bias and active engagement
in efforts to reduce bias should be a core component of any company’s diversity
and inclusion strategy. For the growing number of companies devoting resources
to diversity, this Paper is a guide on how to think about and address unconscious
bias at all levels of the organization."

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